Each fall large flocks of migrating mallards, pintails, teal and many other species of puddle ducks migrate through our area of eastern and central Nebraska from Canada and the Dakota’s on their way south.


Our spring snow goose hunts take place throughout February and March. We have leased private locations in the ideal staging and flight path. Most hunts take place over flooded rice fields in pit blinds.


At Black Goose Outfitters we offer some of the finest Specklebelly hunting that Arkansas has to offer. You can expect to see large “barred up” flocks circling and decoying at your feet on private land.


At Black Goose Outfitters we have some of the best spring turkey hunting that Nebraska has to offer. We have over 1,000 acres of prime hunting grounds located on several different farms in North Central Nebraska.


During the month of December we hosted the boys from HuntTheNorth.com and The Ultimate Waterfowlers Challenge. They posted a detailed Outfitter Review On Our Nebraska Guided Canada Goose Hunts.

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Outfitter Review

During the month of April we hosted the boys from HuntTheNorth.com again. This time we had them out on one of our amazing Nebraska Spring Turkey Adventures. Sounds like they enjoyed their trip…

In Loving Memory Of Garrett Frimann

Several years ago I met Larry Frimann, Black Goose Outfitters, at his waterfowling lodge in Tecumseh, Nebraska. It was for me a beginning of new friendship and a common bond of two fathers and their sons.

We also shared an addiction to waterfowling. Especially Snow Geese!

Shortly after our first meet, Larry’s teenage son would find Eternal Peace and leave behind his legacy of potholes, pit blinds and passion for waterfowling. I wrote this song in memory of Garrett Frimann. When you hear it, think of Garrett. Think of his Dad. Be thankful for your life and loved ones. Give back more than you take. And by all means, always KEEP THE FAITH!!

Garrett Frimann

Enjoy “Feed the Addiction” (In Pursuit of the Snow Goose)
Ed “Stalks” Smith

About Black Goose Outfitters

Black Goose Outfitters is based out of eastern and central Nebraska. We specialize in guided duck hunts in September and October. We then switch gears to target the areas Giant Canada Goose population in December and January.

One of the main features of our fall waterfowl hunts are our big water duck hunts. These duck hunts are located east central Nebraska. We do most of our guided duck hunts and goose hunts out of pit, above ground, and lay down blinds. We do all of our hunting on private land. You will not have to worry about hunting pressure!

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Good morning Larry, While it’s slow just want to share that I & John appreciate all u did to make this hunt with Matt a fantastic experience & awesome hunt! U probably already know but Matt is top shelf & reserve stash! Incredible guide, sportsman & professional! When we book again everyone in our group wants him! Bella is on top of her game as well & she made it easy on all of us as well as brought us several “Wows” on blind retrieves! The boys helped out nicely also Larry.
Tom Hughes, Highlandlabradors.com
My turkey hunt with your guide Matt went very well. He had blinds set in the field. And had studied the pattern of the birds so he knew where numerous roost trees were located. And where they went to feed. This was helpful in that early in the season the turkeys were not responding to a call very well. Matt tried his darnedest calling with various calls- box and diaphragm calls. He is truly a master caller. He set blinds in between the roost trees and feeding areas. This worked very well and I was able to put an arrow in two Toms. I would definitely recommend Black Goose Outfitters and Matt for spring Turkey hunts.
John Mullen, Gobble Gobble
I wanted to thank you again for the amazing Nebraska Goose Hunt. Your location was amazing. Decoy set up was outstanding. We have never seen so many birds in our lives. Pit blinds were an A+ set up. After sitting in a heated pit blind wearing only a sweatshirt I don’t know how I can ever hunt any other way again. Breakfast in the blind was fantastic. The only problem was we almost didn’t have time to eat with the constant shooting! 4 of us limited out before noon. Also loved the house you set us up in, very clean and comfortable. You and your staff couldn’t have set the hunts up any better. Just show up and start shooting. Looking forward to many more hunts with BGO. I highly recommend this hunt!
Jaime Thomas
Snow geese over water….YES please! Black Goose Outfitters has a awesome location between two of the largest stop overs for migrating snow geese. The decoys are all full bodies and floaters that help bring the geese into shooting range. The sounds they run out of the e-callers are their own personal recordings and are one of a kind. The best sounds I have ever hunted over! No laying on the ground here. Spacious pit blind with breakfast cooked every morning. They offer lodging where you can cook for yourself and is only a quarter of a mile from the pit. If your looking for a great hunt at a great location look no further.
Steve Lutz