What Black Goose Outfitters Customers Are Saying

Is by far the experience that conservation hunters are looking for. No layout blinds and rotating fields. New pit blinds that are ground level. Heat & comfort, breakfast is cooked on location. The guides are experienced. Flooded rice field to your front, dry rice field to your back. Floaters, full bodies, shells and cyclones. No Wind socks. And plenty of birds!! 2022 opening day will make my 5 year with BGO. I wouldn’t hunt a conservation hunt with any outfitter other than BGO.

Mike Bates

Hey Larry,
I just wanted to let you know it’s August and I still can’t stop thinking about the amazing hunt we had with you guys last year! Any hunter would be itching to get back in a blind with you and your staff. The spread was awesome, calls were even better. Breakfast burrito in the blind was just what the doctor ordered! Here’s to more sore shoulders and a pickup bed full of feathers again next year!
Thanks again,

Dan Coborn

I just wanted to take a minute to Thank You very much for an incredible Nebraska Canada goose hunt! I also wanted to let any potential new customers know what an amazing job you do and have done in preparation for each hunt. It was very evident that the geese were unpressured and the fields were well scouted out prior to our arrival and that we were set up on the X!
I have hunted across the country for all species of waterfowl and it is very evident when an operation is well put together and when something is thrown together at the last minute. Black Goose Outfitters definitely puts in the time well before the hunt to make sure every customer has an excellent opportunity to harvest a limit of Canada geese. It was also clear that this was not just a one time “Great Hunt” but can be duplicated each day throughout the season. We saw over 10,000 Canada geese on our 2 day hunt and had many, many flocks trying to land in the decoys on both days. Hats off to Larry and his crew. Keep up the great work!
Thanks again,

Dan Wennerlind
President- HuntTheNorth.com
Founder- Ultimate Waterfowlers Challenge

Hello Larry,
My turkey hunt with your guide Matt went very well. He had blinds set in the field. And had studied the pattern of the birds so he knew where numerous roost trees were located. And where they went to feed. This was helpful in that early in the season the turkeys were not responding to a call very well. Matt tried his darnedest calling with various calls- box and diaphragm calls. He is truly a master caller. He set blinds in between the roost trees and feeding areas. This worked very well and I was able to put an arrow in two Toms. I would definitely recommend Black Goose Outfitters and Matt for spring Turkey hunts.
Thank You,

John Mullen
Gobble Gobble

I just wanted to tell you what a great trip Erroll Cheney and I had with your boys down in MO. I have been doing this for 30 years and these guys have definitely got it going on! Pits are comfortable and guides definitely know what they are doing from calling the shot to finding the birds. And speaking of birds…. they are here…by the thousands!
Can’t wait to get back down there. I am counting the days!
Thanks again!

Brent Hatcher

I wanted to thank you again for the amazing Nebraska Goose Hunt. Your location was amazing. Decoy set up was outstanding. We have never seen so many birds in our lives. Pit blinds were an A+ set up. After sitting in a heated pit blind wearing only a sweatshirt I don’t know how I can ever hunt any other way again. Breakfast in the blind was fantastic. The only problem was we almost didn’t have time to eat with the constant shooting! 4 of us limited out before noon. Also loved the house you set us up in, very clean and comfortable. You and your staff couldn’t have set the hunts up any better. Just show up and start shooting. Looking forward to many more hunts with BGO. I highly recommend this hunt!
Thanks again!

Jaime Thomas

Just returned from my second ever spring snow goose hunt but the first one with Black Goose Outfitters. What a great experience. Last year we hunted out of layout blinds all day in corn fields. Being in the mud and hunting out of a layout blind was no comparison to being comfortable in your pit and hunting over water. The pit offers ample room to stretch, lay back, nap and even visit with each other. Being comfortable all day long was a bonus to the fine hunting.
It was obvious that you have put much effort into your setup and decoy spread. The number of full size floating decoys was unbelievable and very impressive. This years migration may have been delayed due to all of the cold weather but I would estimate that over the two days that we were with you, the guides were able to bring in at least 16 to 18 different flocks of Snows, Blues and Ross’ for us. The location of your place which lies between Mound City and the rainwater basin offers a perfect setup.
This was such a great experience I am looking forward to 2016 and have made plans to bring my kids.
Thanks again,

Todd Larson

Just a note to you saying thank you for allowing Dave and me to hunt Snow geese with you on March 6 for the one day. Both of us had a most memorable hunt and look forward to next spring. I hope your hunters had good success on all the days following our hunt. Feel free to text from time to time if anything news wise comes up. Again thanks for providing a high quality hunt, professional guide service and outstanding accommodations at the lodge.

Ken Walczak

Snow geese over water….YES please! Black Goose Outfitters has a awesome location between two of the largest stop overs for migrating snow geese. The decoys are all full bodies and floaters that help bring the geese into shooting range. The sounds they run out of the e-callers are their own personal recordings and are one of a kind. The best sounds I have ever hunted over! No laying on the ground here. Spacious pit blind with breakfast cooked every morning. They offer lodging where you can cook for yourself and is only a quarter of a mile from the pit. If your looking for a great hunt at a great location look no further.

Steve Lutz

Writing to tell you that I had a great Canada goose hunt; 3 best days I’ve had in a long time. I have been goose hunting for many years, starting back when you could only kill one and hunt with lead. Growing up hunting geese along the Platte River, I couldn’t even imagine that there were opportunities like this in Nebraska outside of that area. This goose hunt blew away any that I have every experienced and the number of birds present was impressive. We were given the opportunity to shoot our limits everyday with no sky busting necessary. Your crew, Dave and Mike, explained that you don’t hunt the same fields back-to-back and it was obvious that the birds were not over hunted as the geese willingly worked the decoy spread. I would recommend your outfitter service to anyone. Looking forward to the spring Snow Goose hunt that I have booked with you in March. Last but not least, the Quill Lake Canada was the icing.
Thank you

Jason Kennedy

Thank you for a great Goose hunt. I had not been on a goose hunt for over ten years. My son Matt has been hunting with you several times for the past several years. He and I have hunted together since he was 4 or 5 years old. He kept telling me how great his hunts were with you and your crew. So I told him to get a hunt lined up with you for the two of us. Everything he told me about your goose hunts was true. You and all of your crew at Black Goose Outfitters do a great job of scouting and planning each days hunts. You put us on the geese everyday. We had great shooting even though the weather did not cooperate with us everyday. I would recommend this goose hunt to anyone that wants to shoot geese and have a great time with great people and excellent guide service. We have already planned to do this hunt again next year and also looking forward to doing a snow goose hunt with you guys next spring. Thanks again for a great hunt and the lasting memories.

Mel Fish
Yankton, SD

This late season hunt that Larry provides is a real winner! I have hunted all over the state of Nebraska and this hunting is by far the best I have seen. I know later season hunting can get tough but Black Goose Outfitters puts out the effort and really can put the birds in the decoys. Our second day hunt our group was limited out in two hrs!! All shots were right in the kill hole too! We literally watch hundreds of birds come into our setup afterwards while eating a celebration breakfast. Awesome job black goose outfitters.

Rob Long
Gillette, WY

Larry, David,
I wanted to take a moment and thank you guys for a great trip.I wanted to get out for a little more waterfowl hunting since our season was almost over in MN. I called Larry and inquired about the possibility of a late season goose hunt over Christmas break with my son and friends. Larry got right back to me and we discussed the details. It didn’t take long and I was sending him the deposit. As the trip got closer Larry kept us informed about bird movement and what to expect. I have gone on many guided hunting trips and this was one of the best trips by far. The day we were traveling there it snowed the whole way along with ice storms. As we were driving down I wasn’t expect too much because of the weather. We opted to use his accommodations instead of staying in a hotel. When we arrived we weren’t sure what to expect for lodging. The lodging was great we cooked all of our own meals. It was a fully furnished “bedding, towels, washer, dryer, good quality pots and pans so on and so on” we didn’t have to bring anything except food and beverages. There was satellite TV not only in the main room but in two of the bedrooms also. The trip already had a good feel to it because we knew that when we weren’t hunting we would be comfortable. The hunt didn’t let us down. The next morning we were pleasantly surprised again. The blinds were roomy and heated. David made us great breakfast burritos every morning and was a true professional guide. It took a while for the geese to come off of the water but when they did you could tell they didn’t get a lot of pressure. I have never been on a goose hunt where the birds decoyed right into the spread like they did. We didn’t pass shoot anything, we just shot decoying birds it was a blast. Even with the bad weather we were able to have a very successful hunt. If you are looking at different outfitters and trying to put together a goose hunt I would highly recommend Black Goose Outfitters. I already booked a Snow Goose hunt for the spring and can’t wait.
Thanks again Larry and David, Great Job!

Jerry, Tyler and the rest of the crew.
Stillwater, MN

Hello Larry,
Thanks for the great January Canada goose hunt! Even with the negative temperatures and odd wind conditions, David and Mike were able to get us on the geese each day. As a novice waterfowler, I had enough opportunities to shoot that I was able to bag my limit each day. Besides the fine hunting, we had good camaraderie between hunters and guides. This was my first Canada goose hunt and is something I will not forget. Hopefully I can get permission from my domestic boss to go again!

David B.
Lincoln, NE

Black Goose Outfitters,
Thank you for a great weekend. My Dad and I have been on many different guided hunting and fishing trips and this was the best. We were extremely impressed with your service. You guys knew exactly where the birds were going to be and set up the spreads perfectly for great shots. I know this takes a lot of scouting and experience, and we really appreciate it.
The first day we just missed our limit because we shot terribly, we had our chances to limit out. The second day we shot well and limited out within an hour. I have never seen that many geese in my life. Larry and Mike are both great callers and will decoy geese that I would never be able to.
Killing birds was great but even if we would have only shot a few geese, I would recommend your service to anyone. The area near the Niobrara has beautiful scenery and you and Mike are great guys to hangout in a blind with.
I can guarantee this is the best guided hunt for $250 per gun per day in Nebraska. We will be back next year and most likely bringing a couple others.
Thanks again,

Kyle & Kem

Just wanted to drop you a note and say thanks for everything. Everyone in my party had a great time and can’t wait until we can come back. We were so impressed the way you and dave can bang on those calls and drop those geese on top of us. The country we were hunting in is totally impressive, being so different from where we come from in s.W. Kansas. Hope it works out to throw in some pheasant hunting next year and I’ll bring a few other guys as well.
Thanks again,

Kevin Gray
Ulysses Ks

This is the second year that I have hunted with Black Goose Outfitters, Larry and crew run an outstanding snow goose setup. This is an awesome way to hunt snows in comfort out of a pit blind away from all the cold and mud. They even cook breakfast for you too! All their equipment and decoys are top of the line, including the custom sounds that Mike did himself. I’ve always been more than satisfied with the hunts through Black Goose!
Can’t wait for next spring, we’ll be back.


Just wanted to let you know what a first class hunt you and your guides are operating for your Spring Snow Goose in Nebraska. I have hunted there for the last two springs and have had top notch guides along with abundant birds with each hunt. Nothing says spring is here like a tornado of snows and blues over head, and we had numerous on each day. I can hardly wait for next spring to bust 100.
Until then,

Pat and the boys from SE Iowa

This is the second year that I have hunted with Black Goose Outfitters, Larry and crew run an outstanding snow goose setup. This is an awesome way to hunt snows in comfort out of a pit blind away from all the cold and mud. They even cook breakfast for you too! All their equipment and decoys are top of the line, including the custom sounds that Mike did himself. I’ve always been more than satisfied with the hunts through Black Goose! Can’t wait for next spring, we’ll be back.


Larry runs a first class operation! Our group of 5 has over 80 years of combined goose hunting experience, and Black Goose Outfitters did not disappoint. I have been on several guided trips in the past, and I have rarely seen the level of honesty and integrity these guys have. This latest Polar Vortex made for some tough hunting conditions, but they really went out of their way to accommodate our specific needs and desires. We had a great hunt and shot a lot of birds. If you would like to talk to me in person about our experience, ask Larry for my contact info, and I’ll be happy to talk to you.

Rob W.

Four of us hunted snow geese with Black Goose Outfitters in Nebraska on March 14th and 15th. Their setup was first class–a big spread of well-placed, quality decoys; a top notch electronic call system; and a luxury pit blind complete with gas heaters, electricity, lights, and a stove. Mike’s breakfast burritos and coffee, which he made for us in the blind each morning, were icing on the cake. We were into birds from dawn until dusk both days, taking 52 the first and 92 the second. Also, the cabin on the property was a great setup–warm beds, hot showers, a big tv, and a barbecue all within five minutes of the pond. All in all, we couldn’t have asked for a better snow goose hunt. We highly recommend Black Goose Outfitters.
Thanks again,

Jeremiah Williamson

On behalf of our family I would like to thank you again for the amazing hunting trip that you and Dave guided for us. I do not think that any of us had ever seen that many geese before! The hunting service provided through Black Goose Outfitters is second to none. We have not stopped talking about the trip yet, and will hopefully make it out to shoot with you guys again next time we want a guided trip.

Rocky Torres

I have had a long time love hate relationship with snow goose hunting. I have hunted the birds in Canada, Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas, and Texas and swore off hunting the white devils all together. Then I moved to Nebraska and got the itch after seeing all the birds in the area. I hesitantly called Larry and he was more than happy to accommodate me. After one day in the pit with him I am back on the love side of my relationship with snow goose hunting. He has an incredible set up and his attention to detail is evident in his spreads. We had big flocks work all the way in like I had only seen in videos. All guides are not created equally and Black Goose is definitely at the top. Easily the best white goose hunt I have had the privilege to be a part of.

Ryan Askren

I had a great hunt with Black Goose Outfitters this past spring snow goose season. I hunted 10 days straight and had great shooting every day. The location blind decoys and personal was 1st rate. I hunted with a number of different groups all good hunters. Location was a key factor as we were in the right place to catch the major snow goose migration. Would highly recommend black goose outfitters, plan to hunt with this group for many years to come.

Bill Brown

I want to say THANK YOU for helping to make our Western Nebraska goose hunting trips a success! We have found this to be an excellent way to entertain our customers and have a great hunting experience. I would recommend Black Goose Outfitters to anyone who is looking for a no non-sense type of hunt with a guide service who really knows how to put you right on the “X”. We are looking forward to many more hunts with Larry in the future.

Matt Fish
Omaha, NE

Black Goose Outfitters
I have been hunting with Black Goose Outfitters on four different hunts now. It’s always been an awesome time. Sometimes the weather does not always cooperate but Larry did his best to get us on the birds. We got our limit every time but one time to date. Everything was always well organized. Larry will put the birds in front of you but it’s your job to bring them down.
Thanks Larry,

Keenean Freisen

Our group of 8-10 has hunted with Black Goose Outfitters several times over the last couple of years, and will continue to do so.
The hunting is outstanding and the accommodations are superb. The guides do a wonderful job of scouting and getting you to areas that the birds will come to. The ability of the guides to bring the birds in is wonderful to watch and exciting to be a part of. Most days if you don’t fill your limits, it’s because you’re shooting needs to be fixed, not because you didn’t get the opportunity to do so.
We would highly recommend Larry to anyone who enjoys the thrill of the hunt, while being treated to a great adventure.

Jeff and Kurt Schelkopf

I have been on many guided hunts over the past 30 years. This last hunt with Larry & Black Goose Outfitters in Valentine, Nebraska was one of the very best. I will definitely return again. Larry is an excellent guide; he uses A1 equipment and delivered exactly what he stated. The geese were abundant and we shot our limit every day. The hunt was a very enjoyable experience for both my 17 year old son and I. I would not hesitate to recommend this hunt to anyone.

Scott Geater
Independence, Iowa

Thanks for having me. In my 65 years of hunting I have hunted with many outfitters but have never seen a guide work as HARD as Mike. Be sure you pay him enough. Hope to hunt with him again next spring. Thanks again for having me, we had a great time.


I have hunted with Black Goose Outfitters for several years now, for both Snow geese and Canada geese. Each trip has been a very rewarding and enjoyable experience. My son and I own a place on the Platte River, which provides good success throughout the hunting season, but we do not shoot the numbers that Larry can provide for us. He has a first class setup of decoys and several great locations to hunt from. If you love waterfowl hunting, Larry can provide a rewarding experience!

Bob Lynch

Thanks for the great goose hunt! I had been looking for an opportunity to experience a goose hunt with my son and our hunt with Black Goose Outfitters was a lot of fun. Compliments to Larry for good customer service and his efforts to make this a positive experience for us. We had some excellent hunting and most importantly I had some quality time with my son passing on a great American tradition, father & son hunting! I can’t think of a better way to be together than enjoying God’s gift of wildlife and spending time in the great outdoors. Go ahead and take your son on a hunt with Black Goose Outfitters, you’ll not be disappointed!

Mike and Sam Kirwan

Dear Larry,
Thank you for the wonderful goose hunt. Plenty of geese. Good setups. Nice blind. Guide that could call in geese. You guys put the whole
package together and it was just right. We had 3 generations in our group: My Dad ( John), Son ( Patrick) and myself ( Phil). What a blast!! We
laughed and shot some geese. I plan on hunting with you guys again.
Happy Hunting,

Phil Kooima
Rock Valley, Iowa

Larry Frimann,
I am writing this letter to tell you what a great time we had this fall. Your professionalism and comfortable hunting environment was an absolute joy. My entire group had a great hunt while visiting your hunting camp. We look forward to many more days in the field with you.
Having owned and operated my own hunting service for more than twenty years; it was a real treat to be on the other end of the service for a change. I searched many months to find what I thought would be superb hunting venue. You far exceeded my expectations. I can truly say from one outfitter to another, GREAT JOB!
I would enthusiastically recommend your service to all of my clients looking for a change of venue. I know with great certainty, they would be treated with respect and professional service. I am looking forward to the spring Snow Goose with your group. I have already spread the word and many are excited for the next year and the upcoming spring hunt!

George “VooDoo” Briscoe II
Owner: Voo Doo Outfitters and VPW Outdoor Management
“Wings cupped and Legs Down!”

After having limited success with our first guided snow goose hunt in Southern Illinois the previous year, I decided to give Black Goose outfitters a try for the 2021 spring snow goose hunt in SE Missouri. This would be a fairly long drive for my 2 brothers and I coming from the suburbs of Detroit Michigan, but after talking with Larry, I felt really good about the hunt. We booked a 4 day hunt close to the beginning of the 2021 conservation order season in Missouri. Then about a week before our hunt, with the worst cold snap on record was being forecast for our trip, my phone rang. It was Larry from Black Goose. He was calling to let me know that he felt this unprecedented Arctic air mass that was forecasted would completely ruin our hunt. He said that he was in the process of trying to reschedule all of his hunts for that two week period and he did not want to have us come down and pay for what he knew would be a very poor hunt at best. This is a nightmare situation for any outfitter. But Larry managed to get us and all of his other clients rebooked for after the cold snap. He even knew the guy from our Airbnb rental and helped us get that rescheduled too without issue. This was amazing service from an outfitter.
And I was so glad we rebooked. We hunted 2 different locations over 4 days and absolutely pounded the geese. We shot over 220 geese in 4 days for just 3 hunters. All of our shoulders were literally black and blue from shooting so much. We even shot 2 banded geese, one Blue and one Ross. Also the young guys that run the pits are fantastic, the one guy even loaned me the extension tube off his gun when mine failed. We are now permanent clients after such great service and an amazing hunt. I highly recommend Black Goose Outfitters for The Spring Snow Goose hunt. Here’s a couple suggestions for anyone booking this hunt. You will need at least one case of shells (250) per guy and I would really recommend an aftermarket shoulder pad for your shotgun because your shoulder will take a serious beating, and a magazine extension for your Shotgun is also a must have. We are already booked for next year and plan on making this a yearly event.

Steve Anthony