Our Policy

Our Hunt Policies

  • Deposit: 50% due 10 days prior to booking. Remaining balance due 30 days prior to hunt. All deposits are non-refundable if your hunt is cancelled, it will be moved to a new date or the following year.
  • If you bring a dog you are 100% responsible for your dog and you must wear waders if we are hunting over water. We have dog boxes for dogs to hunt out of. If your dog is misbehaved it will be removed from the hunt.
  • When you book a hunt we ask that one person out of your group is the contact person and he will be assigned to one of our guide’s contact number. We will contact you 10 days prior to your hunt to give you directions to camp. All of our locations have lodging available for you to stay at. $350.00 per night per group.
  • We hunt ½ hour before sunrise to sunset other than snow goose hunts. Snow goose hunts are ½ hour before sunrise to 1 hour before sunset unless worked out different with our guides. Extra charges will be applied to hunt longer.
  • Bird cleaning: You are responsible for cleaning and taking all your birds. We have a location at each spot for you to clean your birds. All birds must have 1 wing attached for transportation. If we clean your birds its $3.00 for a duck, $5.00 for a snow goose or speck and $8.00 for Canadas. You are responsible to bring coolers for your birds.
  • All hunts are out of heated pit blinds or custom made bale blinds. All hunts are over full body and floater decoys. We do not hunt over sock decoys. We do cook breakfast in the blind for you and have coffee, hot tea, hot chocolate, etc. You are welcome to bring food to cook for lunch.
  • Prior to the hunt you must sign a release form and show us your hunting permits and HIP #’s.
  • We do not mix groups of hunters in our blinds or pit in your groups pit. Nor do we mix hunters in our lodging camps. Your lodge is your lodge. All lodges are fully furnished with bedding, towels, cook wear, fridge, stove, grill, washer, etc.

Recommended Gear

  • For all of our hunts, bring warm camo waterproof clothes, gloves, boots, etc. If we are only hunting over water on your trip we will let you know if you need waders but if you have or bring a dog you must wear waders. As far as snow goose hunts, you do have to wear white N8 if you want to but its not needed.

Guide Tips

  • Our guides work there hardest for you and the question I get asked is how much should we tip our guide. The normal tip what we see is 10-20% of the hunt.