Missouri Spring Snow Goose Hunts

As these hunts are near the wintering grounds and towards the start of the spring season can be fast and furious with great decoying action. Towards the end of February we will move up to northeast Missouri and into Nebraska before moving to South Dakota.

**If the birds have moved out of Missouri we will move you to the next location the birds are currently located in

A Typical Day

In Missouri we hunt over flooded rice fields along with dry fields. Based on the migration this can either be out of pit blinds or layout blinds. We want to ensure the best possible hunt so scouting and being on the move can be very critical. On your hunt you can expect to hunt over as many as 70 dozen full body snow goose decoys and / or 1,500 Sillosock decoys. We also use state of the art Foxpro electronic callers with custom, one-of-a-kind recorded tracks. We do ask that you wear some type of waders or waterproof knee boots since we do hunt flooded rice fields.

Another Happy Group
After A Great Day In The Field!

Missouri Spring Snow Goose Hunting Pricing and Packages

Our Missouri spring snow goose hunts are priced competitively and fair based on the amount of work and dedication put into each and every hunt. The cost is $2,200 per pit per day for up to 7 hunters. If you do have a larger group, please call us as we can work out hunt options. We do require ALL HUNTS TO BE PAID IN FULL (Non-refundable) upon booking!

This hunt fee includes: a fully guided Missouri spring snow goose hunt with a professional and experienced guide for your group of 4-6, a pre-scouted area with concentrations of birds and large spreads of either full bodies, floaters Sillosocks or a combination. Well trained dogs are always welcome. The fee also includes a fun but professional atmosphere with birds whether the birds are flying that day or not. These are wild birds and we do everything in our power to put you on what we feel is the best field but we cannot control what nature does some days. If you do have a group smaller than 4, you may be paired up with additional groups.

Your hunt fee does not include: your hunting license, ammo, lodging, meals or a negative attitude! We do offer bird cleaning services at $4.00 per snow goose (the birds are breasted out with a wing attached for travel- We Do Not Pluck Birds!)


Lodging And Meals


We recommend staying at Holiday Inn Express & Suites, although there are other lodging options in the area. You can contact them at (573) 475-9522.


We recommend our hunters bring their own food to cook and grill as needed along with to be brought with in the field as we will spend the majority of the day in the field. However there are local restaurants that provide quality lunch and dinner options.

Our Missouri Spring Snow Goose Operation

Our Missouri spring snow goose hunts take place down in the boot heel of southeast Missouri throughout February. We have leased private locations in the ideal staging and flight path. Most hunts take place over flooded rice fields in pit blinds but can change based on the migration. Hunts may also be out of layout blinds depending on bird numbers.

Although we have our base camp and will typically hunt out pits over flooded rice fields, we will move based on bird numbers and what we feel will provide the best result for the next days hunt. This includes hunting out of layout blinds to stay mobile with the migration.

FAQs About The Hunt

What is included in your hunt
  • Breakfast in the blind or pit
  • A comfortable, heated pit blind with over 1,000 decoys with a professional guide
  • Clean, dry, comfortable layout blinds
What is not included in your hunt
  • Lunch and supper
  • Bird cleaning although a bird cleaning facility is available for all hunters. You are responsible to take your birds home with you. Each bird has to have a wing attached
  • Any additional drinks. Pop or alcohol after the hunt. Zero tolerance for any drugs or alcohol in the field
  • Shotgun shells
  • Shotgun
  • Proper clothing
What to bring
  • Warm clothes and lighter clothes – One day it can be 70 and the next below freezing
  • Waders or knee boots, bag for your ammo, drinks and food
  • Well trained dogs are welcome
  • Snacks for the blind
  • Coolers for bird transportation
  • Gun & shotgun shells (3-3 1/2″ BB or 2 shot)
  • Camera to capture your memories
Also MAKE SURE to have
  • Missouri hunting license, federal waterfowl stamp and required materials
  • Gratuity is not included in our pricing and our guides work hard. Gratuity is 15-20% for the guides

Missouri Spring Snow Goose Hunting Gallery