Oklahoma Fall Waterfowl Hunts

Lodging + Meals

3 Day Duck Hunt: $2,650/person (4 -12 man groups)
5 Day Duck Hunts: $4,500/person (4 -12 man groups)

We chase the X to put every one of our clients on the absolute best hunting experience they could imagine.

You will arrive at the field about an hour before shooting time so we can get everyone and everything ready to go for the morning hunt. If we shoot our Ducks or Geese in the morning and you and your group want to make an evening hunt it will be an additional $400 since you and your group already paid $50 a person for the lodge. If we have a slow morning, we’ll make an evening hunt and its on the house!

75% of the time we are hunting dry field Corn or Peanuts, the other 25% we are hunting winter wheat or milo.

Oklahoma Fall Waterfowl Hunts

Oklahoma Fall Waterfowl Hunting Gallery